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Ralf Mardorf 05-05-2010 08:27 PM

Are some of you already using LXDE?
Hi :)

I've got no tips and no questions about it. Until now I feel comfortable
with it.
I wonder if on that list is a community for LXDE, if there should be
questions about it.

It seems to be well documented, e.g.

and there are a lot of themes, e.g.

IMO LXDE is a good choice. The only bad about the alpha seems to be the
Ubuntu package management, but this isn't better for most distros. They
always separate bins and libs that form a set, but instead they make
packages collecting apps and depending to useless bull shit.

The alpha really still is an alpha or even more the alpha of an alpha.
It's a pity that 64 Studio isn't maintained any more, the way it
formerly was maintained.

Anyway, LXDE seems to be very good. I had this impression before, when I
tested other distros.

2 Cents,

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