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Frank Smith 03-17-2010 07:07 PM

Music made with Linux only & A concert announcement - Achim Jaroschek/ Piano
HI Ralf
Thanks for the mail.
Had a think and decided vocals had to go!

Try these in Getting Free:

Link here:



On 17 March 2010 12:19, Ralf Mardorf <> wrote:

Hi All

Taken on board what has been said here.

Please take a listen now and see what you think.

Have also mastered the track in Jamin



Hi Bob :)

I'm sorry, but I guess "Getting Free" nearly is beyond recovery. Sometimes this kind of shit happens. I'm still not fine with the mastering. Perhaps the brasses needs to be louder and maybe you have to completely record the vocals again. Just my 2 cents.

If I would try to remaster "Getting Free", I would mix the instrumental backing with the vocals kept in mind and after this I would try to add the existing vocals, but I *fear you need to sing it again. I might be completely wrong, because I don't know the raw material.

At the moment I'm in a completely different musical phase of life. I'm ogling most of all with avant-garde jazz, something that nearly can't be mixed wrong, because there are less expectations for the final mixing. For your song "Getting Free" I do have expectations for the mixing. I'm comparing it with common mixing styles for this kind of music. Perhaps you like to break the mould. If I were you, I wouldn't do this for this kind of music.

And now a note to "Too Old Too Soon". Sounds like West Coast, similar to Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young and Crazy Horse. A hard contrast to the music of a jazz musician I visited at the weekend and to the music I prefer for my musical phase of life, but I like "Too Old Too Soon" very much. IIRC this song wasn't there when you first posted the link. I like it very much. Please, can I get a FLAC or WAV for private listening? If so send it to me off-list. I like the composition, arrangement and mixing.

Btw. the musician I visited, Achim Jaroschek [1], has got a Kurzweil PC2 with similar good B3 sounds, like you are playing in "Too Old Too Soon". What keyboard does your keyboarder use? Is it a Kurzweil PC2 too? I'm asking because I noted that for the very good sound there's the click missing. Achim's Kurzweil's B3 sounds do have a click when playing singlelines or two notes simultaneously, but when playing 3 or more notes the click gets lost. This is very annoying. I'm not missing the click in "Too Old Too Soon", I just noticed that there seems to be no click too, but it's ok for this song.



[1] Anybody in Leipzig today?

Concert announcement: Achim Jaroschek/ Piano -- Holger Ehling/ Reading

Mediencampus Villa Ida

Poetenweg 28

04155 Leipzig

The concert and reading starts 19:30 03/17/2010. I guess the reading will be on German.

I won't be at the Leipzig Book Fair, I stay in our home town Oberhausen, Ruhrpott, Western Germany, but I recommend to visit this concert. Achim is a very gifted exceptional talent, among others he played with Peter Brötzmann, Günter "Baby" Sommer, Mani Neumeier and Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky.

Achim (piano, keyboards and drums) is open minded, I dunno, but I'm nearly sure he would like to talk with musicians and anybody else listening to this concert. He not only plays Brötzmann stylish, but also ... hm? ... I would say sometimes it reminds me to the more melodic music of Art Lande, who also is a pianist and drummer, but this might be just my impression.

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