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Ralf Mardorf 02-20-2010 10:29 AM

Questions about getting smallest archives and overburning
Hi :)

when trying to backup a "large" Linux near to the limit that can be
burned to a DVD-R or DVD+R the internet leaves many questions unanswered.

It's essential to keep permissions for owner and group and the dates. I
guess only tar complies to this requirement, but I didn't do research
about this issue.
I noticed that a .tar.bz2 isn't much smaller than a .tar.gz, but it
could be a help when near to the limit of a DVD. First creating a
.tar.bz2 and then compressing the .tar.bz2 by 7z, resp. lzma2 will save
some bytes.

The unanswered questions concern to the limit of a DVD and overburning a
DVD. I did research about this. There are three ways of calculating the
maximal space for storage media, decimal, the binary prefix, but also a
third one.

"1 MB" = 1 000 000 B = 10^6 B = 1000 kB
"1 MB" = 1 048 576 B = 2^20 B = 1 MiB
"1 MB" = 1 024 000 B = 1000 * 1024 B = 1024 kB = 1000 KiB

To avoid confusion I'm referring to B only.

A DVD is able to store 4 700 000 000 B. There still is the question how
much bytes are usable for data, assumed that Rock Ridge, resp. UDF is
wanted, resp. needed for a data DVD.

Referring to the features of k3b there might be the need to use
growisofs by the command line to enable overburn. Will the dry-run
option fail, when overburn is enabled? Is there any GUI able to handle this?

Do you have some information about the limit of data that can be stored
on a DVD-R and DVD+R for files larger than "4GB"?
Is it better to create archives smaller than "4GB"?
I guess splitting a single archive isn't useful and there seems to be
not many applications or scripts able to do this, but it would be no big
deal to archive the folders right from start to a number of archives.
Do you know what's the usual range for overburning a DVD?
Information how to get the smallest possible archive also is wanted.

For today I guess I'll create 2 archives and burn them to 2 DVDs, but
it's a pity to do this, so for the future I would like to know more
about handling this.

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