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Ralf Mardorf 10-16-2008 11:56 PM

Any PC, Linux or Windows and MTC
Frustrated greetz :)

I had a phone call with a friend, he said MTC sync between a Sequential
Studio and an Atari ST is fine, but between a Windows PC and a Atari ST
the sync sometimes is shifted. As far as I can remember sync between a
Yamaha drum computer and an Atari ST was fine when I used MTC, but often
the sync is shifted, when running Linux on my PC synced with my Atari ST.

It was a long phone call about other studio issues, I'll check out a
drum computer synced to Linux as soon as possible. I only have a RX21
including it's own sequencer, but the RX21 can receive song position, I
googled for it, I can't send song position by the RX21.

I wonder if a Atari ST and a Yamaha RX21 can be synced by MTC and a
Linux PC and a Yamaha RX21 too, but not a Linux PC and an Atari ST? This
should be impossible.

I'm missing a MIDEX + for my Atari ST and I only have two audio IOs for
my Linux PC, so I can't check out SMPTE at the moment. SMPTE always has
been fine with my Atari ST and tapes.

Can there be a problem with MTC for any Linux and Windows PC?

It's not a fixed shift, sometimes the song position is fine, sometimes
it's around 1 or 2 bars negative or positive delayed.

I hoped to get an Atari in sync with Linux. I can get nearly complete
new Atari equipment, but a MIDEX, also a monitor might be a problem. I
can repair my old monitor and there isn't the need to have a MIDEX. So a
sequencer will be for free, if I can sync it to my Linux PC. By the way,
an MIDIX + (4 MIDI outs, 2 MIDI ins and SMPTE) costs still 100,-€,
because it seems to be, that I'm not the only one thinking to go back to
the Atari Cubase 3.1 and Cubase 3.1 with dongle key still is at 75,-€,
but my Cubase 3.1 and dongle key are still fine.

Are there PC chipsets known as bad, when there is the need to use MTC?


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