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Ralf Mardorf 10-11-2008 04:18 PM

Linux and MIDI sync
Hi :)

inspired by I again wish to know too,
if there's a way to sync MIDI equipment and virtual MIDI devices by
Linux. I always get hostilities and informations about all the pro-audio
equipment using Linux, but never a solution how to do any sync, if I'm
asking and express my cutups on some lists, forums or private mail
contacts. Even JACK transport is pretended to be fine for some people.

I tried to answer Troy in the forum, but I wish to know myself, how to
get Linux DAWs running in sync with other equipment. I still have to
checkout JACK MIDI, because in the last weeks I spend more time at the
dentist, instead of working on my computer. ALSA MIDI might to be broken
because of my hardware, so it will be good to know, if sync is possible
for people being fine with Linux DAWs. The people I know, that are fine,
won't give the informations how to sync Linux DAWs.

Does anybody know the trick how to get Linux applications in sync by
using JACK transport? Some people affirm not to have the buffer delay,
but they won't write me the solution, because I'm a nut.


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