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Ralf Mardorf 09-03-2008 08:51 PM

Thank you all
Hi all :)

thanks, someone helps in the forum and perhaps better than I would have
done. I only have one remark. For my non-default 64 Studio it seems to
be, that some broken packages, won't be noticed as broken. If someone
with such trouble tries to fix a 64 Studio by "upgrading" all packages
to the stable standard repositories, some packages might be not fixed.

@ Quentin:

I only tested Windows with my old hardware, there I had a NVidia AGP
card and no on-board card, but yes, at the moment I'm using the
integrated Radeon with the Vesa driver, but I never tested this with
Windows, because I don't like to install and reinstall a Windows all the
time only for a test. The test with my old hardware was just because I
needed to know, if e.g. the sound card is or isn't broken.

I thought about that issue too, but I didn't think it will be such an
extreme problem. Okay, I guess this will be the cause for the jitter, so
it also won't help if I will buy a mobo with an integrated NVidia. I'll
buy a NVidia PCIex card soon.

Later is right now, so thank you very much :).

Without testing I think we can say this problem is solved. There's still
the troubles with the unstable Rosegarden and or QSampler and or Jack,
when they are used in combination.

Human jitter is musical, because e.g. for syncope always to early, never
to late, it's jitter, but relative controlled jitter, one musician might
play the syncope exact, the other some ms to early, but a computer can
play the syncope to late. No comment to Windows, it doesn't matter if
there's jitter or not.

@ Gustin:

"There is an open call to hardware manufactures to provide the kernel
devs what they need to do the driver work for them."

Gustin, we are talking about capitalists, they fear informations about
their products slip away ;). I know that Linux people are fine with
Linux, most other coders are more familiar with other platforms,
especially from my generation. I'm from generation X and I think most
coders for companies are from my generation and like me they came from
QL, C64, Atari, DR DOS and MacOS (I'm not from QL and MacOS myself) and
we can easy change to Windows, but not to Linux. That's not universally
valid, but I guess it will be true for most coders working for hardware

Yes, I didn't compile a RT kernel until now, something I might think over.

A lot of people, me too, aren't able to do perfect research about what
hardware is fine with a Linux DAW and especially people like me haven't
the money, I think most musicians have less money, that's why we are
part time teachers, audio and video engineers, coders etc..

No comment to Windows, resp. it's better when using Windows not to use
Windows 2000.

@ Daniel:

As I wrote above. Our timing jitter is human, that means that the
failing is coloured by the emotions, a good musician won't have positive
delay for a syncope feeling, he will always have negative jitter,
jitter just in one direction, while a computer with jitter will have
jitter without human touch. It's not correct to say human touch is
jitter. You are wrong, don't believe me, but take a look at recorded
waveforms, you'll see that I'm right.

Good luck, if I would use Windows, I would use Cubase and an VST GIG
players and because I'm using Linux, in this case also good look,
because QSampler hopefully is stable, I think the troubles with QSampler
I've got have to do with Rosegarden, but I don't know.

@ Quentin:

Don't worry, before I do anything, I read and try to understand your
mails. I was on researches while I had some questions, I won't do the
email receiving with my default install of 64 Studio, because the
upgrade to Lenny is my internet Linux. Lenny is able to run internet
applications that the default install isn't able to run. I won't do a
Mozilla mailer partition for all my Linux, because there can be trouble
with different versions of Icedove, it's better to do all with one
Linux. At the moment I'm rebooting from one 64 Studio to the other. The
DAW isn't the Mailer Linux.

Playing all versions of Rosegarden are fine on all Linux I'm running,
but playing and playing a virtual instrument at the same time or
recording an instrument makes Rosegraden and QSampler crash and
sometimes there are clients missing, so maybe also Jack crashes, but
maybe the clients are missing because of other application's crashes.

@ Will:

:) is for self-irony, because of so many mails I wrote today, especially
the post scripta.
:) is for chance in the crisis. Maybe Muse's 64 Studio version is more
the kind of sequencer I wish to have.

@ all:

Thank you again. On my wish list for 64 Studio 3.0, to jack_snapshot
(easy to compile myself), I've to add a mixer (until now I couldn't
compile any mixer), better less functional and stable, than unstable and

I had no time to do what I wanted to do until now, maybe during the
night or tomorrow I'll check out if the updated BIOS and e.g. Muse etc.
are fine for my DAW.


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Levy Sant'Anna 08-16-2010 08:49 PM

Thank you all
Debian is my main O.S. since 1999. This is a wonderful package of GNU codes
and Free Software.

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