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Ralf Mardorf 09-03-2008 02:58 PM

Your experiences with Linux sequencers
Hi :)

again a long email ;) (less than 2
DIN A4 sites) but maybe a solution. I'm writing from my 64 Studio's
default install. I only*receive mails with my 64 Studio Lenny, if there
will be any replies, I'll reply back later.


Maybe there will be trouble because
I started a song with Rosegarden4 1.6.1,*continued with 1.7.0 and 1.7.1
and changed distros, Suse 11.0, 64 Studio Lenny, 64 Studio default
Etch. If there is a bug in the sequencer's data file I'll take this
with the data from test to test.

I wish to know about experiences
with the actual default install of 64 Studio and MIDI sequencers. I
know that Will downgraded Rosegarden4 to version 1.6.1 and now for him
it's fine again. Is anybody fine with 1.7.0 or 1.7.1?

What's about other sequencers,
especially Muse?

Is there any other mixer available
than JackEQ? Compiling any other mixer for the default install didn't
work for me.

I installed LMMS 0.2.1-1.1, muse
0.8.1a-4 and Seq24 0.8.6-2, as far as I remember these sequencers are
less functional than Rosegarden, but maybe good enough to record and
play back a song from/to Rosegarden and I especially might be wrong
with this for Muse.

I read that Seq24
should have more MIDI jitter than Rosegarden and after running it I
couldn't notice any optical changes, so maybe this sequencer is still a
joke, but this impression might be wrong.

LMMS looks fine, MIDI
IOs are also fine, but I need to know if it's possible not to quantize,
because I might need a higher resolution.

The first impression
of muse was, that it seems to be very near to Cubase, e.g. it's
possible to mute segments, a delay and negative delay seems to be
possible, until now I don't know what a step of 1 means, but maybe it's
more precise than the delay that's possible with Rosegarden.

Muse perhaps is fine,
but I have one question. If I'll replace Roasegarden's Fluidsynth DSSIs
by QSynth for Muse, how will I be able to do the mixing. The only mixer
for 64 Studio seems to be JackEQ. Am I wrong?

It might be that Muse
can replace Rosegarden for me, if I will be able to do a mixing for
Fluidsynth when using Muse. If so I won't copy the song back to

If all those
sequencers won't be able to record the Rosegarden song, I still have a sequencer that's much
more functional than any Linux sequencer I know and that should be able
to record the Rosegarden song without loss of quantization.

I'll brush the dust of my Atari ST,
it's a 520ST with 4096MB RAM, only a blitter, an adapter for multiple
independent MIDI ports, SMPTE and multiple dongle key slots and free
SCSI space, resp. free 3.5" DD disks are missing and especially enough
free space in my music room, but it should be fine to copy a MIDI song
from the 64 Studio 2.1 DAW to the Atari ST and back to the 64 Studio
2.1 DAW. The Cubase dongle key is still in the Atari's cartridge port.
I'll run the Atari ST as MTC slave, if I can't do the copy within 64

I don't like to have more than one
computer running, but maybe a new SCSI HD for the Atari and using 64
Studio as HD recorder and sample player will be a solution if
Rosegarden will be the cause for the troubles I've got and Muse won't
be able to replace Rosegarden. I will be more fine with this,
than to use Windows.

If so, I also only need a virtual
mixer for 64 Studio, because I can't use my real mixer, the TerraTec
only has tow IOs.



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