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Ralf Mardorf 08-28-2008 02:02 PM

I'll go on with making music instead of doing tests
Hi :)

it would be kind if more sequencer users will report if they are fine or
not with timing and sync and on what kind of CPU their Linux are running.

I will make music using Rosegarden 1.7.0 with the 64 Studio 2.1 "default".

For the song I'm working on I can't hear timing jitter and because it's
a pure MIDI song, I can't say anything about the sync between MIDI and
audio tracks.

The song is a less good cut, copy, paste one, so I don't think I can
report if it will be possible to do a very groovy song with my set up,
but it will be possible to report about crashes or hopefully no crashes.

Does anybody know a way how to save the mixing done with JackEQ?

Does anybody know if there is a way that Jack Rack won't give the Jack
clients names including the PID?
Or is there another stand alone application that can use GVerb or
another usable reverb?


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