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Ralf Mardorf 08-27-2008 08:58 PM

Sync and timing
Hi Daniel :)

we have to figure out if we all have the same sync and or timing
problems or if the troubles will differ. I fear that the language
barrier might cause misunderstandings.

There seems to be a causal correlation between MIDI sequencer timing
source for ALSA MIDI and Jack audio.

Especially to those who are using oldish QJackCtl versions with the Tabs
"Audio" and "MIDI", "MIDI" isn't for Jack MIDI clients, it's for ALSA
MIDI clients.

It makes me wonder that the MIDI jitter depends to settings for audio.
Lower latencies have less MIDI jitter, or the jitter takes less effect
to the sense, when latencies are lower, but I guess that the visible
jitter also was in a smaller range at lower latencies, when I checked
this out.

If the bad sync can be heard or not, seems not only depend to the
musical ability. Depending to the kind of groove it seems to be hearable
or not.

Very swinging music and very static music seems to be more fragile, than
music with a feeling between those extremes.

Maybe the Real Book Party and the Industrial Party will have more
problems than other kinds of pop music.


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