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Ralf Mardorf 08-24-2008 10:01 AM

What shall I do to keep or get the most stable 64 Studio after installing 2.1?
Hi :)

I will download
and do a new installation.

The DVD I've got is 2.1rc1_amd64 and I think I will be on the more safe
side if I get the latest version, instead of upgrading the rc I've got.

I'll keep my 2.1rc upgraded to Lenny and my Suse 11.0 as Linux for all
day work. The new installation should be a DAW only. No Cinelerra, no
emailing or use similar to this.

What should I do after the default installation?

The song I will go on with needs

QJackCtl, Rosegarden using only the Fluidsynth DSSIs, QSampler,
JackMaster, JAMin and a Reverb outside of Rosegarden, that's not
specified until now. I'll compile the latest version of jack_snapshot,, if it isn't in any
repository and if it's save.

I maybe will install some other applications, LADSPAs and DSSIs after
I've done my first song, but first I'll use the most stable 64 Studio as
possible. Maybe there will be the need to use some more applications
when going on with the first (complete) song.

What should I do after the installation? Will it be better to do
security upgrades or any thing else or should I keep the DVD default

Will there be a risk if I'll install KDE too? I'll keep GNOME if I'll
install KDE, but I prefer KDE.

I might need top, htop or atop running in a standard terminal or
terminal emulation like XTerm or Konsole, but not Yakuake or anything
like this.

Any ideas which reverb will be a good choice? And how to use it, e.g. by
Jack Rack?

Should I edit something in limits.conf, resp. will it be okay to use

@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock unlimited
@audio - nice -19

like it's recommended by

I'm thinking of a partition for / and another for /home, music data is
on a special partition. I only will use the existing files for the
Rosegarden song, QSampler etc. (if there will be no extreme troubles
because of the versions of the programs), but I'll don't copy
Rosegarden's or QJackCtl's settings etc. and as swap I'll use the
existing swap.

Should I take care of something I've forgotten to write about?


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