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Ralf Mardorf 08-23-2008 10:06 AM

Looking for a mixer in the box with aux sends and returns
Hi :)

because I don't won't to run the same reverb several times, to have
different volumes that are send to the reverb, for different subgroups
of Rosegarden and Qsampler, I would like to have a mixer with aux channels.

I only found mixers without aux channels, so I have to connect the
outputs directly to the next instance (for the 100% dry signal) and the
same channels also have to be connected to a mixer (for the 100% FX
signal), the mixer has to be connected to the reverb and the reverb also
to the next instance, that might be JAMin or just the soundcard. I hope
this is possible, if I don't get a mixer with aux channels.

That seems to be the only way to have different volumes, for the signals
send to the reverb, that are independent from the volumes for the dry

To have a single reverb for each subgroup of Rosegarden and for QSampler
would waste resources and each change for the reverb's settings has to
be done multiple, so that it won't be possible to mix intuitive.

I only found JackMix,, having
screenshots with aux channels, but the latest versions doesn't support
aux channels any more.

Even if the trick by using a mixer without aux channels will work, it
seems to be very incommodious, because than I have to use Rosegarden
with a mixer that doesn't support to name the mixer channels, together
with a second mixer, that also isn't able to name the channels (but that
always has the same clients names for Jack) or I have to use a second
mixer, that can name the channels, but that won't work for
jack_snapshot, because it will give the Jack clients different names for
each session. And also I can't only do the mixing by 2 mixers, I also
have to do MIDI control change mixing, because Rosegarden's mixer has no

I hope there will be a more "normal" way to mix with Linux.

Can anybody help? If e.g. Ardour has a more normal mixer that won't be a
help, I need it for the DSSI MIDI instruments and not only for audio
tracks. Imagine to do that for more FX than just one reverb is horror.


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