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Ichthyostega 01-03-2008 10:56 AM

Thunderbird/EnigMail problem

has anyone come across this or solved it in any way?

It is not strictly sound&multimedia related, but somewhat 64bit related ;-)

Since about a month or so, the EnigMail plugin for IceDove (Thunderbird 1.5)
ceased to work. The purpose of this plugin is to support GPG encrypted and
signed messages. (debian package name "enigmail 0.94.2-1" and "enigmail-locale-xx").
It is still possible to /send/ signed and/or encrypted messages, but the
moment you open some GPGed message, the plugin hangs.

This seems to be a known problem, because there is a upstream version 0.94.4
which mentions "EnigMail stops responding when displaying UID's with UTF-8
characters on Thunderbird" (most recent is 0.95.5 for Thunderbird 2.0)
But no one seems to have bothered to build a 64bit binary (XPI), which
means building Thunderbird from sources first and thus seems rather intimidating.

Any ideas where to ask best or whom to nag with this problem?

Hermann Voßeler

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