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"Gabriel M. Beddingfield" 02-28-2009 07:30 PM

Installer 64studio 3.0 Beta 2 does yield bootable system
> The installer runs through all the stages, but does not ask for a root
> password (which I found odd).

This is normal because 3.0 is based on Ubuntu and not Debian. Ubuntu's
security policy is to *not* have a root login... instead doing everything
through sudo. They claim that having a root login (or using 'su')
promotes unsafe practices.

...of course, I'm not sure that allowing 'sudo su' is much safer... but
that would be flame bait, wouldn't it...

> At the end of the installation process, it
> recommends to reboot, but it cannot boot from the harddisk.

Did you make sure that your root partition is marked with the 'bootable'

> One caveat for users installing this next to an older installation: if you
> leave a swap partition in existence on another harddisk, the installer
> will claim that 'linux-rt' cannot be downloaded.

This doesn't make sense. Is the problem that you ran out of memory... or
that some benign swap partition on another disk blocked your download?
And why was it trying to download a kernel? The ISO ships with a kernel.

> I will try to do a clean install with good old 2.1 and then update to 3
> from there.

This will probably NOT work. The upgrade path is Debian Etch ->
Ubuntu Hardy. While it might work... you will likely have stability


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