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"agivagan agivagan" 06-22-2008 10:36 AM

Great mixing desk
Hi all,
Do you know about this mixng desk : ?
I was very happy to work with it in my job (I'm a sound-man in a venue in France) for two marvellous latin-music shows. Sound was great (really) for a digital desk, interface is very intuitive, it was quite easy to deal with all in working with the interface.

As I could see it's managed by a knoppix kernel (2.6.13) and the company will develop the soft again, because it's not very stable yet, and they expect to have an application to prepare the show and put it on a usb key to load it into the desk (like Yamaha-studio-manager but without controlling the desk with the computer).

Have you ever heard about that, and do you know something about the developpement of software for this system or is it a totally closed concept for you ?
A professionnal material for mixing sound under linux should be able to be compatible with linux computer, don't you think ?

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