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dave 06-20-2008 07:42 PM

Emacs22 on 64studio lenny Synaptic
Hi all, hope you're well,

* 64studio_2.1_i386uk

$ md5sum 64studio_2.1_i386.iso [ok]

Install date 20/06/2008
This document is meant for testers.
The install & upgrade were done on a test machine.
The aim is to get a balance between 64studio & emacs22.
Using Synaptic for the upgrade. Using same approach as apt.

Clean Install. Set up Audio.

+ 64studio-stable.
+ 64studio-stable etch+3rd party etch-security.
*Synaptic Reload + Mark All Upgrades + Apply
5 new 44 up [y]
Changes Applied.

+ 64studio-testing.
*Synaptic Reload + Mark All Upgrades + Apply
ardour upgrades.
Changes Applied.

+ 64studio-lenny-backports... (no lenny yet, disable security).
*Synaptic Reload + Mark All Upgrades + Apply
64studio apt skel themes utils upgrade...
ardour kept back
Changes Applied.

Shutdown: restart.

+ lenny + 3rd party repositories.
*Synaptic Reload + Mark "ardour" for install.
772 held 55 new 114 up 46 rm [y]
ardour from apt.64studio

libc6 glibc [y]
Configuring libc6 [ok]
* libpam0g configures [ok] pam gdm
locales [ok]
gnome-menu's [keep]
Changes Applied, ardour install.

*Synaptic Mark All Upgrades + Apply
2 held 137 new 770 up 19 rm [y]
security/limits.conf [keep]
gdm.conf [keep]
Changes Applied.

*Synaptic Mark "gnome-core" for install.
2 held 9 new [y]
Changes Applied.
*Synaptic Mark All Upgrades + Apply
Nothing to do.

Upgrade to lenny complete.

Shutdown: restart.

*Synaptic Mark All Upgrades + Apply
2 held 5 new [y]
bash_completion [keep]

+ Security repositories
*Synaptic Mark All Upgrades + Apply
1 rm 5 up
*Synaptic Mark emacs22 emacs22-el emacs22-common-non-dfsg
Changes Applied.

# edit /etc/security/limits.conf (jackd) add

@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock 1024000
@audio - nice -19

notes: 64studio, 64studio-apt, 64studio-skel, 64studio-themes,
bootsplash-theme-64studio 3.0~pre1 are still installed.

Please remember this document is for testing only.
The upgrade using synaptic went smooth.
Synaptic gave me the options to keep more
configuration files.
The songs created in ardour & rosegarden both
opened and played ok, but I still need to look more
in to what will need to be reinstalled etc.,



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